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Telling your partner and family that you are pregnant is a significant moment that can give you a lot of anxiety. It’s important to approach each conversation with care, empathy, and consideration for everyone’s feelings while respecting your own.

Here are a few things to do to relieve the stress and worry about breaking the news.

Approaching Your Partner

When telling your partner, choose a moment when you both have time to talk without interruptions. Consider doing it on their day off and in a comfortable environment.

Be direct and honest, sharing your emotions and expectations. 

Remember, your partner may need time to process the news, so be prepared for various reactions. Consider giving them some time afterward and then return for a follow-up conversation. 

Telling Your Family

Consider the best approach for your family based on your family dynamics. Some may choose to tell their family in person during a family dinner. Others might prefer a more private setting, telling parents or siblings individually to give them space to express their emotions freely. 

If your family is spread out, a video call can be a meaningful way to share the news, allowing you to see each other’s reactions in real-time.

Be mindful of the timing when you choose to share your pregnancy. While it can be a nerve-wracking time for you, consider any sensitive issues within your family that might impact how your news is received. 

It’s also wise to be prepared for a range of responses. Not everyone may react the way you expect, and some may need time to adjust to the news.

Throughout these conversations, emphasize the support you hope to give and receive. Expressing your desire for your family’s involvement can strengthen your relationships. 

The First Step

The best thing you can do is encourage open dialogue, allowing your partner and family members to share their thoughts and feelings.

The first step you can take is to talk with us at the Southern Ohio Pregnancy Center. We provide free pregnancy testing and options counseling. You can get the resources, referrals, and answers you seek before you break the news and have a better understanding of your options. 

Call us at (937) 393-2990 or text at (937) 509-0108. You can also contact us here.

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